Being the backbone of the district’s economy, everything possible should be done to protect and develop the tea sector.

This was emphasised at a meeting of the Vivasaiyigal - Thozilalargal Munnetra Sangam and the South Indian Farmers Organisation held here on Tuesday.

The meeting underscored the need to put an end to tea imports and fix a minimum price of Rs. 30 per kg green leaf.

The minimum wage per day for the plantation workers should be Rs. 350 and they should be provided with houses. All the basic amenities should be made available. Pattas should be given to those occupying Section 17 and Section 53 lands in Gudalur.

The Forest Rights Act 2006 should be implemented. The livelihood of the Sri Lankan repatriates should be protected.

The Convenor, South Indian Farmers Organisation, M.S. Selvaraj, presided.

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