The Youth Task Force (YTF) in association with Accident Research Centre (a unit of Road Safety Resource Centre) is conducting a session on mind calming to ensure road discipline.

The programme is a fallout of the root cause analysis of road crashes and has evolved solutions for the same with support from various experts across the country, says YTF founder S. Suresh.

Poor mind conditions being a major constraint in resolving road safety issue, YTF launched a 45-min video screening programme to enable ‘Traffic calming by Mind calming' for road users of Coimbatore city.

Having enlightened thousands of students with the video compilation, YTF believes in inducing change in the way the roads are approached.

The special screening is being carried out in association with State bank of India.

Chidambararaj, Chief Manager of SBI, inaugurated a special session for 108 EMRI ambulance drivers held at the Rotary Club of Texcity hall on Sungam Bypass Road in association with the Rotary Clubs of East, Spectrum and Texcity on Friday evening.

Mr. Suresh said that the objective of the screening was to help the driver calm his mind before taking on to the steering wheel.

Accidents and quarrels on the road often revealed the mindset of the drivers who tend to ventilate their pressures and frustrations while on the road.

There was a pertinent need to change this trend to make more smiles on the road.

The same will be held free of cost for the general public at a suitable venue.

Those interested may call YTF at 99411 76070 or mail Corporate houses with a sizeable number of drivers could avail the screening for its drivers at a nominal charge, Mr. Suresh said.

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