The Coimbatore Corporation has called upon meat stalls in the city to store the waste in bio-degradable bags and hand these over to the Corporation workers instead of dumping these in the drainage and under bridges.

Chairing a meeting on the city's environment concerns recently, Mayor R. Venkatachalam told the owners of fish, mutton, chicken and pork stalls to buy bio-degradable bags and store the meat waste in these. The waste would be buried along with the bags in garbage yards.


The stall owners should also ask their customers to bring cloth or paper bags, as this would help in avoiding the use of plastic carry bags that posed a huge challenge to the anti-plastics drive.

Deputy Commissioner V. Shanta suggested that sanitary inspectors could prepare a list of meat stalls in each of the 72 wards in the city. The health officials should tell these stalls individually to use only the bio-degradable bags.

The Mayor said the present practice of dumping meat waste in defunct wells, under culverts or bridges, along roads and in drainage should end immediately.

“We cannot afford to have this practice spoiling the city's environment during the World Classical Tamil Conference (from June 23 to 27),” he said.

“We told the shop owners who attended the meeting that they should not dispose of the meat waste wherever they liked, even with the bio-degradable bags. These should be handed over only to the Corporation's conservancy workers,” he said.

The Mayor also gave a call to the public to plant saplings wherever a tree was felled to carry out development works.

Shops should also have signboards in Tamil and English. Boards in English alone would be discouraged, he said.


Action against meat shopsJanuary 16, 2013

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