The district administration has initiated a number of measures to end the indiscriminate dumping of bio-medical, poultry and chemical waste from Kerala inside the Tamil Nadu boundary.

The administration has also warned that stringent action would be taken against the drivers, vehicle owners for enabling the dumping of waste and land owners for permitting the dumping of waste.

In the recent past, there had been a number of instances of the dumping of waste along the State boundary, especially in places near Govindapuram, Meenakshipuram, Anamalai and Sethumadai.

In many instances, the waste was found dumped on barren lands close to agricultural farms and there were attempts to even dig and bury the waste to evade the watchful eyes of the public and activists.

Last week, a vehicle was seized with nearly 1.5 tonnes of poultry waste. This led to a road blockade, with the public coming down heavily on Kerala treating Tamil Nadu as its dump yard.

District Secretary of Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam V. Eswaran pointed out that even drivers from Tamil Nadu for the sake of money were in the practice of off loading the goods and returning to Tamil Nadu with the waste and dumping it here.

District Collector M. Karunagaran told The Hindu that commercial tax, forest, police and transport department check posts had been asked to keep a vigil on cargo vehicles entering the State to ascertain whether they were bringing any hazardous wastes.

In addition, the police will also keep a vigil on all arterial roads into Tamil Nadu from Kerala.

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