Distribution of 2.16 lakh liquefied petroleum gas cylinders in Tamil Nadu will be affected as the cylinder dealers have planned to go on indefinite strike Tuesday onwards.

According to B. Rajendra, president, All India LPG Distributors’ Federation, the organisation along with the Federation of LPG Distributors of India had decided to go on strike because the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas had not responded positively to their demands, though the two organisations’ representatives had held several meetings with the Ministry officials.

He said that the organisations had wanted the Ministry and the oil marketing companies (OMCs) to fix a uniform price for the LPG cylinders as the variation in price was what led to one type of cylinder being misused for another. The organisations were referring to the prices of 14.2 kg cylinder with subsidy, 14.2 kg cylinder without subsidy, and the 19 kg commercial cylinder.

They reiterated that the price difference among the three types of cylinders was the fundamental reason for all the controversies.

To the OMCs the organisations had asked for such type of seals on cylinders that could not be tampered with but they were yet to provide one. It was only because of such cylinders there was pilferage in the market.

It was also the reason for accidents as the gas could be easily transferred illegally from one cylinder to another. But instead of addressing the issue, the OMCs asked the distributors to check the cylinders at the refilling stage, distribution stage and also at the end point of sales. This was not feasible.

It was also the reason there were two, three and five kg cylinders.

The organisations sought a systematised method of delivery of cylinders, change the policy of appointment of distributors in such a way that it was fair to all and was not biased in favour of few and a change in the contract the OMCs had entered into with the distributors, as it was one-sided.

Mr. Rajendra said that the organisations’ decision to go on the strike was not against the State Government or the consumers.

Though the supply would be disrupted the consumers would not be really affected as 68 per cent had two cylinders.

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