In addition to sealing or demolishing unauthorised buildings, the Local Planning Authority is focusing on layouts that are totally unapproved. Officials of the Coimbatore Local Planning Authority (LPA) took action against an unapproved layout in the city on Saturday.

The unapproved layout on Ukkadam-Selvapuram bypass road, near the Big Tank at Ukkadam, is spread over 3.21 acres. It has 64 sites and most of these are already sold.

The layout was formed about six months ago and has 30 ft road, compound wall, solar-powered streetlights, and pipelines for water supply.

As part of the action on Saturday, the officials demolished a fence which was an encroachment on the scheme road, a wall that was on the land near the tank, the entrance arches and the road inside the layout.

The layout does not have planning permission. In the Coimbatore Master Plan, the layout is still classified as industrial (land use pattern) and has not been changed to residential. The promoters have not obtained no-objection certificate from any of the departments concerned and the layout is very close to the tank bund.

Though the LPA officials had served notice on the promoters in October, they have not come forward to obtain the permissions required. Electrical posts have come up and sites were sold even after the notice was served. The Government has suffered more than Rs. 10.75 crore revenue loss (at guideline value of Rs. 2,200 a sq ft) since the promoters have not provided the mandatory 10 per cent open space reservation, handed over the road to the Government, and have not paid the development and centage charges, the official said.

The District Collector has written to all the departments not to permit construction of buildings in the layout.

For the last two weeks, the LPA is taking action against unauthorised structures here, mainly commercial buildings. The LPA officials have so far sealed four buildings and demolished one unauthorised structure.

The official said that promoters of unauthorised buildings and layouts do not approach the LPA even after getting the notice because they think action will not be taken. The LPA has served notice on owners of several unauthorised structures and if they come forward to rectify the mistakes, even now, action will not be taken.

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