The Coimbatore Corporation’s moves to install LED (light emitting diode) bulbs in street lights has moved a step forward with the State Government planning to go in for common bid document and PPP agreement.

The civic body is in the process of replacing over 22,000 bulbs in the 40 wards that constitute the added areas of the city. Almost 90 per cent of the bulbs to be replaced are tube lights. The rest are sodium vapour, compact fluorescent lamps or metal alloy bulbs.

Mayor S.M. Velusamy recently said that the switchover to the energy-efficient bulbs will help the civic body save 57,53,071 kwh a year.

Sources in the Corporation say that when the civic body sought the Government’s approval, the latter responded saying that it will prepare a common bid document and PPP agreement for all the municipal corporations in the State.

The sources explain that by going in for a uniform document and agreement, the Government will be better placed to negotiate with the manufacturers at the tender floating stage. But prior to this, the Public Works Department has to come out with a price for LED lamps under its Schedule of Rate.

The sources say that the Corporation will be able to minimise the expenditure on street lights in added areas by one-third. The current expenditure is, however, unavailable because in added areas there is no separate billing for street lights. The civic body pays it as power charges, which also includes money for power consumed by borewells.

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