All Coimbatore Corporation projects involving land acquisition will no longer experience delays if the civic body has its way. The Corporation has proposed to bring in Transfer of Development Rights system to issue Transfer of Development Certificate (TDC) to those whose lands are to be acquired to overcome the procedural delays.

Land value

The TDC will have the land value and the floor space index credits, which the land seller may retain for his use or sell it to others. This way, sources in the Corporation say, they need not wait for the completion of the land acquisition process, which usually takes more than a year and involves the Revenue Department.

Under the new system, the Corporation, after identifying the land to be acquired, will assign a dedicated team of revenue wing officials to determine the land value to issue the certificate. And once the Corporation issues the TDC, it will go ahead and start the project.

Corporation sources say that, with the Transfer of Development Rights system in place, the Corporation will be in a position to complete the entire proposed scheme roads project within a year. Normally, this should have taken the Corporation at least a couple of years.

The sources point to the two scheme road projects that are yet to take off. The Mayor, S.M. Velusamy announced the scheme roads in his 2012-13 Budget. But to have the Transfer of Development Rights in place, the Corporation needs an amendment to the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation Act, 1981, which the State Government is empowered to bring in.

On Monday at the Urgent Meeting of the Council, the Corporation by way of a resolution, asked the State Government to bring in the required amendments. The sources say the Chennai City Municipal Corporation has had such a facility for the past year or so and has successfully issued the same to carry out its development projects.

How the certificate can be used

The certificate mentions the land value and floor space index credits. The holder of the certificate can use the floor space index credits equalling 0.5 FSI as premium FSI to assess the final allowable FSI to 2.30. As for the land value, the certificate holder can adjust it against the fee he or she has to pay under the Infrastructure and Amenities Fund.

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