A survey has revealed that street vendors in and around the city are paying money to some individuals for carrying out their business, since there was no license mechanism in the city corporation.

The lack of licensing system is causing loss of lakhs of rupees of revenue to its exchequer, the survey has found.

With about 4,000 street vendors in the corporation limits, a vendor used to pay an average of Rs.40 per day to the individuals, without mentioning the status of the persons who receive the money, the survey said.

If the Corporation starts licensing mechanism or proper registration, it could easily earn an annual income of over Rs. Three crore, the survey, carried out by IC Centre for Governance (ICCG), said.

The survey, presented today at a meeting of Town Vending Committee, presided over by District Collector, P Umanath, in the presence of Corporation Commissioner, Anshul Mishra and Police Commissioner, Sylendra Babu, said with 15 per cent annual growth, the amount would increase every year, which could be used for infrastructural development.

Stating that a vendor was earning a minimum of Rs.725 and a maximum of Rs.2,000 to Rs.5,000 per day, particularly garment and electronic goods vendors, it said once the Corporation issue licenses, with identity cards and allocated product-specific markets, it would help police, on security aspects also.

The ICCG has conducted survey in two core business areas and nine shandies in and around the city and suggested that once the administration provided them proper market facilities, the city would become vendor-free in another five years.

The officials decided to set up zone wise hawker committees for effective implementation of schemes.

The administration wanted to ensure that the vendors did not come out and sell the products outside the markets allotted for them, as was in the case of flower market, because of lack of proper parking space inside the market.