‘Police in talks with sponsors to equip 11 signals with either UPS or solar panels’

The installation of traffic signals on Mettupalayam Road and synchronisation of timings are nearing completion to turn the section into a ‘Green Corridor.’

However, the pet project of the police has suffered a minor setback due to the ongoing efforts to install Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems and solar panels to tide over the frequent and prolonged power cuts.

On instructions from A.K. Viswanathan, Commissioner of Police, Coimbatore City, the police are in talks with sponsors to equip the 11 signals on the 9 km stretch - from Flower Market to Thudialur - with either UPS or solar panels to tide over power outages before formally launching the facility, a police source said.

If all goes well, the ‘Green Corridor’ might become a reality in January, the source added.

The ‘Green Corridor’ was first launched on Avanashi Road but the police are still grappling with the power supply situation and are finding it tough to get as many traffic signals equipped with UPS and solar panels on the section to make the system a successful one.

Avanashi Road has 13 signals and the ‘Green Corridor’ was aimed at enabling a motorist to cover the distance of 11.5 km in about 20-22 minutes provided the motorist travelled at a speed of 45 kmph. At present, a motorist required 40-45 minutes to cover the distance.

Similarly, on the Mettupalayam Road section, the police have installed 11 signals. Testing of signals and synchronisation of timings are almost complete, said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Pravesh Kumar.

In some traffic signals on Mettupalayam Road with UPS, the police are finding the power back-up timing inadequate if the power cut stretches beyond three hours. Augmentation of power back-up with additional batteries involved storage space for the unit and batteries and costs are also likely to shoot up.

Hence, solar power is being sought for the remaining signals.

In addition, replacement of inverters and batteries is also a cause for concern for the police.

For advertisement mileage, sponsors are being approached to get solar power panels for these signals.

Even if the initial investment was high, dependence on power supply and recurring cost of power consumption charges would come down, it was felt.

In the wake of a failure in power supply, traffic regulation would not be thrown haywire even in the absence of a policeman if the signals were solar-powered, a police official pointed out.

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