Kovai Power Driven Pumps And Spares Manufacturers Association (KOPMA) has appealed to Collector M. Karunagaran to ensure that the member-industries have non-stop power supply for eight hours during day.

In its petition, the Association said that the 50,000-odd micro industries in Coimbatore would stand to benefit if the Tangedco were to supply power without disruption for eight hours. In the past, the 16 hours of power cut in the district had forced labourers to go in search of other jobs.

And the attrition came at a time when the industries were already suffering from labour shortage.

Tangedco stopping power supply without announcement led to frequent repairs in machines and also damaged goods. Keeping in mind the difficulties the industries faced, the power distributor should announce the power cut schedule.

The Association demanded that the State Government extend some sort of a power concession for the micro industries as it did for some sectors like textile units and a few others.

For industries availing of up to 10 HP power, the Tangedco should come forward to provide concession in tariff, which, in the current circumstances, would be of great help to the Association members. It also sought replacement of the newly introduced digital meter with the old disc meters, for the Tangedco took into account the starting current and not the running current in calculating power tariff by using the KVAHR reading. And, the Association said that the Tangedco should levy tariff according to Schedule 5 and not according to Schedule 6, as a lot of people constructing new buildings and industries were put to hardship because of the very high tariff that the Tangedco collected in advance and penalty that followed for even a minor increase in consumption.

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