ITC Limited has assuaged the apprehensions of the residents of Bharathi Park Street saying that the waste it has at the rear of the Bharathi Park will cause no harm.

In a release, the company says that after it took charge of the site, it has cleaned up the place and that the presence of rats and snakes precedes its entry there.

The people the company has employed for the Wealth Out of Waste project continuously segregate the waste, which keeps moving in and out of the site. There are daily dispatches from the site even as fresh waste keeps moving in. From the site, which is the WoW hub, around 150 metric tonnes waste is moved in and out in a month.

The release also says that the waste at the hub is recyclable and not contaminated with wet waste. The chances of odour emanating out of the waste are, therefore, remote, even if it is stored for a few weeks. During rainy season, the company takes every precaution to keep the waste dry because it is dry waste that fetches revenue for the company. So, at least in its interest, the company keeps the waste dry.

Further, the company says that it has been handling paper waste for months, has the capacity to recycle 5,000 metric tonne a month and has tied up with Ramky, a leading waste management company.

All precautionary measures are in place and residents need not have apprehensions.

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