With the mercury going up reflecting the increase in temperature, snakes at the Coimbatore Corporation Zoo have slowly slithered their way to the water tub in their enclosures.

According to sources, most of the 90 snakes in the zoo had moved into the tubs and stay put throughout the day.

The zoo has four varieties of snakes.

The sources said that the zoo officials were feeding fruits to camel and deer to help them beat the heat.

The zoo got the fruits from a nearby fruit shop.

In addition to the fruits from the shop supplied, the zoo also procured fruits to be fed to monkeys and birds, the sources said.

The zoo officials bought nearly 200 kg fruits a day.

For other animals, the authorities sprayed water using sprayers on a daily basis to bring down the temperature inside the cage or enclosure. The animals coped well to the heat, the sources added.

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