11,000 students from 111 schools and 14 colleges enrolled

The Road Safety Patrols started in 2008 has recorded consistent growth over the years. The Traffic Wardens Organisation in Coimbatore has enrolled 11,000 students from 111 schools and 14 colleges, said A. Mahesh, Chief Traffic Warden.

On February 27, traffic wardens of Coimbatore city will the Friendly Five Road Safety competitions. Volunteers of the patrol will take part in 30 competitions.

The contest will be based on five road rules – signal jumping, lane discipline, avoiding “happy” driving, avoiding use of cell phone while on wheels, and helmet for safety.

The objective of the contests is to make the students understand that all these rules are so friendly and simple to follow.

The competitions will be held at CODISSIA. Hall D has been rented out free of cost by CODISSIA for the purpose. Details of the contests are available on www.trafficwardens.in.

The competitions include essay writing, water colour paining, written quiz, oratory, songs, dance, mimicry, police hand signal, identity signs, rangoli on road signs, bite me if you can, smiling contest, sign board puzzle, blood bucket, tug of war, oil painting, photography, 3D modelling, collage, and slogan writing. Schools that are yet to enrol students in Road Safety Patrols shall contact the Chief Traffic Warden at 99940-74062. e-mail: chief@trafficwardens.in

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