Professional cutters had used machines to cut down the tree on Rajarathinam Street

A 35-year-old tree was cut on Rajarathinam Street in Kattoor on Sunday. According to R. Karpagam of Oli Awareness Movement, the builder of a commercial complex on the road was behind the cutting of the May Flower tree.

He had engaged professional tree cutters who had cut the tree using machines. This was without authorisation.

On hearing about the tree cutting, Ms. Karpagam rushed to the place, only to find the cut tree’s stump.

Her inquiries revealed that the builder was behind the incident but none came forward to lodge a formal complaint. In the absence of a formal complaint, the police could not do much.

R. Raveendran, Honorary Secretary, Residents’ Awareness Association of Coimbatore, said that it was illegal to cut the tree.

While the person who ordered the tree cut spent nothing from his or her pocket, the person who cut the three walked away with the money gained by selling the cut wood.

As per law, those who wanted to cut the tree had to first apply to the District Revenue Officer, who would depute a person to see if the demand was genuine.


Only after being convinced would the officer forward a recommendation to the Corporation which would order the cutting, for the trees on roads belong to the Corporation.

He said that the Revenue Department and Corporation should initiate action.

Sources in the Revenue Department said that they would initiate action.

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