Corporates, NGOs and residents’ associations express wish

The Coimbatore Corporation’s effort to involve corporate companies, non-government organisations and residents’ associations in developing and maintaining parks has received a good response.

According to sources in the civic body, the Corporation placed on table 70 reserve sites where it wished to develop parks.

This was at a meeting the Corporation had convened at the Collectorate a couple of weeks ago.

The Corporation said that those interested could either take the design the civic body had developed in association with consultants or come up with designs to their liking but subject to its approval. It also said that if the organisations or companies expected the Corporation to play a role, they should specifically state what they expected – compound, water connection, etc.

The sources said that 35 organisations had come forward and submitted letters expressing their interest to develop parks. They include Rotary clubs, property developers’ association, Siruthuli, RAAC and a few others. A few residents’ associations had also expressed their interests to develop parks that were not on the Corporation’s list.

The civic body was happy at the response but was studying their proposals. To take things forward it had convened a meeting on August 10 at the Corporation office in Town Hall.

Meanwhile, at the last Council meeting, the Corporation placed a proposal for the Council’s approval in this regard.

The Council passed the resolution which said that the organisations taking up park development should not construct buildings or any structures, the power connection should be in commissioner’s name, the organisations were allowed to display a board with their name saying that it was they who were maintaining the park, etc.

The Council also approved a proposal to let residents’ associations, non-government organisations or companies to green the medians on roads. It also presented a list of conditions that was similar to the ones that applied for parks.

The sources said that the Corporation was keen on developing as many parks as possible to not only green the city but also prevent the misuse of reserve sites.

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