Cost varies from Rs. 120 to Rs. 300, depending on the size, tap facility

As temperature soars, the demand for chilled water is also on the rise. Despite availability of refrigerators, city residents prefer having a natural and healthy cooling system. Earthen pots that come with a tap facility are already a favourite among the people and these are a common sight along the roadside as a solace when the scorching sun troubles residents.

The clay-made pot serves as a coolant agent and is cost effective with no side-effects apart from being eco-friendly. Though the cost varies from Rs. 120 to Rs. 300, depending upon the size, tap facility and designs, bargaining finally decides the price. “Drinking chilled water that is refrigerated tends to be unhealthy. Many catch infections such as cold but the pot water is evenly chill despite change in temperatures’”, says S. Manikandan of Alagapuram.

Apart from pots used as containers for storing water, small sized utensils are used for serving few dishes and curds for customers in hotels. Also shiny earthen pots with designs are used as decorative items in homes and offices. “Our whole family use water from the pots to quench thirst. Even doctors advised us to do so”, says a family in Mittapudur.

“They have added more features like tap facility, artistic designs, variation in size and easy to use lid thus making it attractive”, says Vijayakumari of Meyyanur.

But the poor man’s refrigerator is not prepared for large scale production due to non-availability of quality clay and poor business with minimum returns.

Potters say that it is still a seasonal product sold during April and May and the income level is also poor. “Machine cannot make these pots. Skilled potters and their children have moved to other business to earn their livelihood”, says V. Muthukaruppan (62) who was earlier involved in pot-making for over 41 years.

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