The indiscriminate dumping of garbage in front of the Government higher secondary school in Chithode near Erode poses serious health hazards to the students.

A number of commercial establishments, particularly eateries, tea shops and bakeries, in Chithode town were found dumping the garbage in front of the school. As the local administration does not carry out regular cleaning, the garbage remains uncollected for weeks together.

“The situation has worsened now, since the local administration has failed to remove the garbage for the past three weeks. Foul smell emanates from the rotting garbage,” students said.

The school authorities and parents have taken this issue to the notice of the officials in the local administration on several occasions.

But no efforts have been made to prevent the commercial establishments from dumping garbage near the school so far. Officials have also failed to take any steps to remove the garbage, parents said.

A large number of students from Chithode and neighbouring villages study in the school.

School authorities and parents have urged the district administration to initiate stern action against those found dumping garbage near the school. They also wanted the local administration to ensure regular garbage collection in Chithode.

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