Three poisonous snakes and one non-poisonous snake were rescued in the last 24-hours from Tuesday morning from four different locations in and around the city.

Snakes were rescued from human habitations by A.R. Ameen and Afsal of Ukkadam area and with this the total number of snakes rescued had gone up to 18 in the last ten days, said N.I. Jalaludeen and C.V.A. Jaleel of Nature Conservation Society. With the rain continuing, snakes straying into human habitations had been on the rise.

Mr. Jalaludeen asked residents not to beat the snakes to death and instead seek the help of officials from Forest Department, Fire and Rescue Services Department and professional snake handlers.

The three venomous snakes included spectacled cobra (Naja naja) measuring nearly five feet from Hope College; Russell’s Viper (Daboia russelli) measuring three-and-a-half feet from Othakkal Mandapam area; banded Krait (Bungrus fasciatus) measuring two-and-a-half feet from Pon Vizha Nagar in Ukkadam area. The non-venomous rat snake (Coelognathus flavolineatus) was rescued from Kuniamuthur area. The spectacled cobra had injuries born out of a fight it had with a street dog in the area.

Mr. Jalaludeen said that the snakes were being handed over to the Corporation Zoo. After a couple of days all the four would be released into the wild. Mr. Jalaludeen said that people could contact A.R. Ameen at phone: 90428-47197 to catch snakes.

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