City Police Commissioner N. K. Senthamarai Kannan has said that the biggest challenge the police face in getting usurers convicted was the lack of adequate documentary proof furnished by the complainants at the investigation stage.

“Unless the complainants produce some sort of contractual evidence for the excessive interest levied on the principal amount, the case will not stand legally.

“This is the same with any financial fraud connected to chit fund schemes and festival deposit schemes,” he added while answering a query on the large presence of usurers in Tirupur district, during an interaction with the media persons here on Wednesday.

He appealed to borrowers and the depositors in various financial schemes to follow the ‘sanctity of contract’ mode and make the transactions as far as possible only through cheques, so that they could get a solution legally if the deal turned sour.

Mr. Kannan said that as of now, 20 per cent of the sanctioned posts for the newly-formed Tirupur City police were yet to be filled.

On the building for City Police Commissioner’s office, he said that about five places had been tentatively identified for constructing a department-owned building.

Presently, the Commissioner’s office functions from a rented building.

He hinted that more check posts would be set up on the city borders, to augment the existing 13 check points, to curb the entry of criminals.

“We will also strengthen the profiling of industrial workforce, especially the migrant labourers, and keep data about them,” he said.

On Wednesday, Mr. Kannan held the first meeting of all senior officials in the City police since the formation of the police commissionerate on Tuesday.

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