Minoti Aram, president, Shanti Ashram was speaking at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Minoti Aram, president, Shanti Ashram, Coimbatore, has urged students to follow Mahatma Gandhi's principles of truth and non-violence.

Speaking at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Matriculation Higher Secondary School on Tuesday on the occasion of platinum jubilee of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and the 125 anniversary of BVB founder Kulapati K.M. Munshi, she said that the students should start practising the two principles in their daily lives. They might not understand the true meaning or significance of the principles but, nevertheless, they should start practising those. For, even for adults it was difficult to understand those.

The students should read about Gandhiji, she said and appealed to them to read a chapter or a few pages a day and reflect on what they read. “Do not rush through.”

At 21, when she was exposed to Gandhian philosophy and work, she found it difficult to appreciate those things. Even at 71 she was only in the process of learning.

Ms. Aram said that Gandhiji was a very positive person who was for constructive programme. With the programme he was able to influence the nation.

She told the participants that living by Gandhiji's principles or following his path brought about changes, which were slow. Recalling her encounter with Acharya Vinobha Bave, she said that the Acharya had asked her about her programme on cow slaughter in Nagaland. She had promised the Acharya that things would change and that they would be so.

As timed passed by, the people she worked with in Nagaland, gave up eating beef, started rearing cows and even fed milk to their children. Ms. Aram also told the students that she was still doing and learning and learning and doing what Gandhiji taught and spoke about.

Earlier, in the presence of B.K. Krishnaraj Vanavarayar, Chairman, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Coimbatore Kendra, Kalyani Shankar, Management Committee member, Ramanlal P. Dave, Management Committee member, and others she unveiled a life-size statue of Gandhiji at the school.

Mr. Vanavarayar spoke on Gandhian ideals, their relevance in the present day context and the need for students to look up to Gandhiji.

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