Buildings, especially public utility ones and multi-storeyed that are more than 50 feet high, should have certain fire safety provisions for approval.

These include fire extinguishers on every floor, hydrant and hose, and emergency exit. Any applicant for building plan approval for a public or multi-storeyed building should attach a no-objection certificate from the Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services Department. When there is an accident, some of the factors that come into focus are whether the building has an emergency exit, enough setback space so that fire extinguishers can have easy access to the building, and common, open space such as balcony, says an official in the Directorate of Town and Country Planning here.

Apart from these factors, the building owners can also take some precautionary measures to ensure safety. They can go in for fire-retardant and low smoke wires, fireproof materials for false-roofing and adequate ventilation in the room where the uninterrupted power supply system, inverter and battery are placed. The room that has air handling unit of ductable AC should not have any other junction box, says a city-based electrical consultant.

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