Exclusive wards to treat dengue, A(H1N1), and diarrhoea cases

The Coimbatore Medical College Hospital’s (CMCH) Fever Clinic is all geared up to meet any surge in viral diseases that are typical of the monsoon weather.

Till recent years, the Fever Clinic saw mostly cases of typhoid, malaria, hepatitis and diarrhoea during this season.

However, these have been replaced in the past three to four years by dengue and A (H1N1), the prevalence of which has increased in the Coimbatore region, CMCH Dean R. Vimala told The Hindu on Friday.

The CMCH had set up wards exclusively for dengue (eight beds), A (H1N1) (six beds) and diarrhoea (16 beds). These wards had been isolated as the diseases were infectious. They had dedicated ventilators and multi-parameter monitors besides other requisite equipment.

The Fever Clinic had a separate outpatient ward. All its OP patients were also diagnosed for malaria. Adequate stock of various drugs to combat fever had also been stored.


With CMCH being the premier Government health institution in the region, the Fever Clinic witnessed a large inflow of patients from the surrounding districts also, including Palakkad.

The CMCH Blood Bank kept adequate quantities of platelets, a component of the blood, round the year. The platelets are vital for treating dengue patients, who experience a severe drop in this component. Even though platelets had to be used within five days after being separated from blood, it could however be stored for 42 days.

The stocks were constantly replenished in the interest of patients, the Dean added.

Dr. Vimala said that this year there was not even a single case of A (H1N1) thus far and no dengue-related fatality at the CMCH.

Dengue cases were lower compared to the preceding years when Coimbatore witnessed a large number of cases due to outbreaks.

Many extreme dengue cases, where patients were bleeding, were also admitted last year. Sporadic cases of meningitis and leptospirosis were also treated at the Fever Clinic.

Fever cases were seasonal and increased usually between June and August, besides during November and December, she said.

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