Purchasing capacity seems to have come down this year

Purchase of television sets, refrigerators, washing machines or any other household appliance is usually planned for the festival season.

However, slowdown in industries in Coimbatore this year seems to have had an impact on sale of consumer durables during the festival months.

Several outlets have extended special offers though Deepavali is over.

According to N. Jayakumar of Jaishree Electronics, sales were better last year though industries were suffering from power cuts.

This year, bonus payments were not high in many units and the market is down.

Sales picked up just couple of days before Deepavali.

Earlier, sale of consumer goods was high during New Year.

Now, the peak season has shifted to Deepavali.

This might change in the future.

The exchange market is not high in Coimbatore.

Most of the consumers prefer to buy a refrigerator or washing machine once in 10 or 15 years.

Hence, exchange of products that are less than 10 years old is less.

According to Ravi Kumar of Bharath Electronics and Appliances, though sales was good, it was not as high as last year.

Several customers have gone in for financial schemes to purchase the products.

The purchasing capacity of consumers seems to have come down this year. Just 10 per cent to 15 per cent of consumers go in for exchange of old products for the new ones.

Offers and discounts are available for several occasions now and hence, purchases are getting distributed through out the year.

R. R. Balasundharam, president of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore, says that sale of jewellery and consumer durables seems to be affected this year.

Purchasing capacity of the consumers has reduced and cost of living has gone up.

Further, the prices of all the products have increased.

“We are hoping for a revival,” he says.

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