Farmers at Narasimhanaickenpalayam have demanded a change in the route of Western Bypass Road which goes from Madukkarai on Palakkad Road upto Narasimhanaickenpalayam on Mettupalayam Road.

Led by M.Thirumurthy, a section of the farmers submitted a petition to Collector M. Karunagaran on Monday during the grievances meeting at the Collectorate.


The farmers said that a proposed section of the road at Narasimhanaickenpalayam passed through agricultural land where farming had been going on for over 70 years. Crop such as maize, tomato, brinjal, coconut and bananas were being cultivated at this area.

Further, this locality also had several wells and borewells besides houses of farmers. Instead of harming all of this, the authorities could take the road through a stretch of barren land available just around 150 feet away from the proposed route. “This is ‘poromboke’ land that already belongs to the government and hence, there is no need for fresh land acquisition. The authorities could just make an alteration that would spare farming land.”

At present, the authorities had completed the survey and commenced the laying of stone. While farming was going on in 30 acres in this area, the proposed route would adversely affect more than 20 acres.

As already farming in the locality was hit hard by elephant attacks and drought, the farmers could do without this additional burden, Mr. Thirumurthy added.

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