An emergency response training for employees of Airports Authority of India was held at Coimbatore Airport on Saturday by PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research’s Department of Emergency Medicine to mark the World First Aid Day.

Showing a scene from the movie ‘Shivaji’ in which a CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) was performed to a boy, Prakash Mohanasundaram, President of Association of Emergency Physicians India (EPI), told the airport employees that this clipping has created an awareness among public on emergency response.

In an audio-visual presentation, he explains the immediate response to emergencies such as an apparently healthy person falling unconscious all of a sudden. Further, he says that pumping the heart is more important than ‘mouth to mouth’ resuscitation.

The CPR must be administered till the medical personnel reach the spot, adds Dr. Prakash Mohanasundaram, who is also an Assistant Professor at Department of Emergency Medicine in PSG Hospitals.

Earlier, Jeena George, acting Airport Director, said that training in first aid can save lives during a crisis. B. Ganesh, Head, Department of Fire Safety, Coimbatore Airport, said that 1.2 million people died globally in road accidents, which also left 50 million injured. Many lives could be saved if common public had training in emergency response.

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