Eighty-eight per cent of the respondents in the survey conducted by the Centre for Public Affairs and Policy Promotion said they would not accept money for votes in the ensuing election.

A release from the Centre said that it conducted the survey between February 25 and March 10 with a sample size of one per cent of the voting population. It covered 21,000 voters by employing 20 surveyors for each of the Assembly constituency in the region. The release also said that 80 per cent of those interviewed thought that political parties were for making money. Only five per cent thought that the parties worked for the welfare of the public.

A good 40 per cent said corruption was the key issue, 30 per cent found family rule to be the issue, 15 per cent identified price raise to be the major issue.

K. Ramasubramanian, Director (Outreach), said 60 per cent of the interviewed were from urban areas and the rest from rural areas.

The Centre, a recently formed civil society organisation, is run by a group of like-minded professionals who volunteer.

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