Some of the tourists damage garden property, flowers, plants, trees and lawns

Beginning Saturday, the field staff of the Government Botanical Garden (GBG) here have started working with specially designed fluorescent jackets.

The purpose, according to the Joint Director of Horticulture N. Mani, is to distinguish them from the thousands of tourists and also keep vandals at bay.

Pointing out that of late it has become difficult to prevent tourists, especially certain sections of the youth from vandalising garden property and damaging plants, he told The Hindu here on Sunday, that by stationing uniformed workers in different parts of the 55 acre facility, it was hoped that the flowers, plants, trees and lawns will not be damaged.

Stating that vandalism usually escalates when the flowers are in full bloom, he said that it is very difficult to conceal the damaged parts.

Since the inflow of tourists is heavy only during the weekends, the jackets would be worn only on Saturdays and Sundays and during special occasions when there is a spurt.

Workers have been instructed to take tourists who violate the rules of the park to the office of the Assistant Director of Horticulture who has been authorised to impose fines.

The amount of fine will vary in accordance with the gravity of the offence.

Pointing out that many of the trees in the garden are rare and over a century old, Mr. Mani lamented that the number of tourists displaying a propensity to either climb them or swing from their branches for the sake of photographs or videos is on the rise.

Damages caused to the trees cannot be set right.

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