Mayor S.M. Velusamy has warned individuals and organisations obstructing works executed by the Coimbatore Corporation.

At the Friday's Council meeting, he asked the Council to pass a resolution in this regard. “The Corporation will not hesitate to initiate action against individuals or organisations preventing officials from discharging their duty,” he said in reference to a few individuals and organisations preventing the Corporation from executing the storm water drain project saying that trees alongside roads should not be cut. “If at all individuals or organisations have a grievance they could represent the same to the Coimbatore Corporation. They have no business obstructing works,” he said and added that those people had no right to arrogate powers.

Mr. Velusamy reiterated that the Corporation would be forced to file a complaint seeking action under the section dealing with preventing officials from discharging their duty.


Meanwhile, commotion prevailed on Chellapppa Gounder Street, Kattoor, where the contractor the Coimbatore Corporation had engaged to construct storm water drains made arrangements for cutting trees to proceed with the construction work.

The Corporation had to twice stall the work as nature enthusiasts raised objections stating that the permission to cut trees had been accorded without referring the same to the tree protection committee.

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