Even as the tourist season in this popular holiday destination is in full swing and visitors are flocking to various scenic spots, concern is growing over the threat posed by community dogs to unwary pedestrians.

With abandoned dogs roaming in packs in different parts of the hill station including Charing Cross on the threshold of the town, concerned residents are hoping that the civic administration will draw up a plan of action to deal with the problem.

Birth control

Meanwhile, municipal sources told The Hindu that since the law prohibits killing of dogs, an Animal Birth Control programme was being implemented with the help of non governmental organization as and when necessary, for this purpose.

However the residents, including councillors, are of the view that the programme is effective only from the population point of view as it has not stopped the dogs - even the sterilized ones - from chasing people and biting them.

Often the unfortunate pedestrians are caught in narrow lanes where there are no street lights. Community dogs also pose a serious threat to motorcyclists in many parts of the town and its suburbs.

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