Awareness on closing water storage containers, overhead tanks, not storing water for more than four days, filling hollow bricks, tree holes and wearing protective clothing.

RK ecran in association with The Hindu on Monday conducted dengue awareness campaign, which R. Damodharan, Deputy Director, Health Services, inaugurated at the Lakshmi Mills Junction.

The two organisations had launched the campaign by distributing pamphlets to passersby in the presence of M. Siva Shankar, proprietor, RK ecran, and staff from the newspaper.

They then extended the campaign to the LIC Junction on Avinashi Road, Ramanathapuram Junction, Cross Cut Road, G.P. Signal, Women’s Polytechnic Junction, R.S. Puram, Lawley Junction, Saibaba Temple and Ukkadam.

The pamphlets listed measures that people could take to prevent outbreak of dengue by destruction of mosquito breeding sources. They contained steps such as closing water storage containers, including overhead tanks, not storing water for more than four days in containers, filling hollow bricks, tree holes, and wearing protective clothing.

With the help of pictures, the pamphlets also identified the potential breeding places of the mosquitoes.

Dr. Damodharan said that such a campaign was essential because not many members of the public, especially those from urban areas, were aware of the mosquito breeding sources. Quoting a survey the Health Department conducted in the recent past, he said that of the 600 people surveyed in the district in six blocks, the Department found out that 85 per cent of people in rural areas were aware of the mosquito breeding sources.

However, in urban areas, 10 per cent respondents said they did not have time to answer the questions and 60 per cent were confused. Only 30 per cent had idea about dengue and the means to destroy breeding sources.

Given the lack of awareness, the one-day campaign would go a long away in creating the much necessary awareness, he pointed out.

As a next step, RK ecran, The Hindu and the Department had planned to conduct the campaign in schools and colleges so that the students turn health ambassadors and further spread the awareness message.

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