Four school students in the age group of 10 - 13 years landed in the police net on Tuesday, after police found them to have “stolen” mopeds for the pleasure of riding them and abandoning them.

Ukkadam police were baffled for the last three to four days, with an increase in the number of moped thefts. Ukkadam crime branch sleuths in plain clothes found four students in the age group of 10 to 13 being the accused in such cases. Students were found to have used the two-wheelers for the joy of riding till they exhausted the fuel and had not sold the vehicles, police sources said.

The police found the motorcycles either near the houses of the boys or near the houses of the owners. Ten mopeds were recovered by the police.

Since all the accused were school students and the motorcycle owners not keen to pursue their complaints, police warned the students. Police have also obtained an undertaking from the students to refrain from such acts and also from their parents to ensure good conduct.

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