A Common Bridal Snake (Dryocalamus nypmha) had a two-day long cozy stay amidst a clutch of mint leaves stocked inside the refrigerator in a house at the Singanallur housing unit in the city.

According to Shanthi, a house wife living on the ground floor of the house, Chandra Kala living on the first floor came running with a tray containing a clutch of mint leaves.

It is learnt that Chandra Kala who bought a clutch of mint leaves from the nearby Uzhavar Sandhai on Monday stocked it inside the refrigerator.

She opened the refrigerator to use the clutch of mint leaves for preparing chutney for the morning breakfast, only to find the snake popping its head out of the clutch.

Nobody knew as to what specie the snake belonged to and whether venomous or not, leading to tension and fear.

Snake rescuer Santhosh on information rescued the snake and released into the wild near Anakaatti.

Timid by nature

According to wildlife experts, it was a non-venomous and nocturnal snake. It is very active and timid by nature, if cornered and provoked it will fiercely attack the challenger.

It is known for its tendency to enter human dwellings in search of prey and known for climbing walls and often falling off.

The longest specimens seldom exceed 50 cm.

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