Spending on the wardrobe is no more occasion-based. It is becoming seasonal, and come summer, cotton reigns in the textile market.

With the per capita consumption of textiles and the income levels going up, seasonal purchase of clothing is not new in the market for the last five years. Earlier, consumers will wait till festivals such as Deepavali to buy clothes.

Now, the purchase is spread throughout the year. Manufacturing is primarily for two big seasons now – spring/summer, and winter, says R. Sivaram, Managing Director of the Tirupur-based Royal Classic Group (Classic Polo).

The summer sales start in March and extend till July here.

For several years, textile mills here make cotton yarn varieties, used in lighter fabric, for summer and thicker varieties of yarn for winter. Cotton continues to be the most preferred fibre for summer garments and textiles as other fibres are not affordable and as comfortable.

Those who cannot afford pure cotton clothing, go in for cotton blended ones, says an official of the Southern India Mills' Association.

Sale of cotton textiles almost doubles during summer here, says P. Durairaj, secretary of Coimbatore Cloth Merchants' Association. Some of the preferred items are cotton sarees, lining material, and basic wear.

Summer sees higher purchase of cotton-based, and specific styles of garments and hence the outlets also prefers to stock more varieties of these garments, adds a leading textile retailer here.

Though cotton prices have moved up manifold during the last few months leading to an increase in the end product prices, purchases do not seem to be hit. “We have revised the prices twice since November and so far, customer acceptance continues to be good,” adds Mr. Sivaram.

The cost of most of the cotton textile products are up by nearly 30 per cent. There is a slight decline in the volume of business, Mr. Durairaj contends.

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