To feed areas that recently came under its control

Coimbatore Corporation has written to the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board to surrender the 30 MLD (million litres a day) water it draws under the Pilloor I combined drinking water supply scheme.

According to sources in the civic body, the Corporation drew around 65 MLD from the Pilloor I scheme to feed areas in the north and east of the city. The TWAD Board managed the scheme supplying water to not only the Coimbatore Corporation but also a number of wayside habitations and Palladam Municipality.

Now, with the Coimbatore Corporation drawing water from its Pilloor II dedicated drinking water supply scheme, the civic body felt that it could do away with the 30 MLD, which the TWAD Board could use to feed Thudiyalur, Chinna Vedampatty, Saravanampatty and Kalapatty areas that recently came under the control of the Corporation.

There was a demand from the residents of the aforementioned areas for increase in water supply as they were eligible for more water by being a part of the Corporation — the residents by being a part of the Corporation were supposed to get 135 litres per capita a day (LPCD). Earlier, they were eligible for only 70 LPCD.

The sources said that the Corporation would not face a shortage of 30 MLD with the surrender because it had increased its supply from the Pilloor II scheme. The current supply was around 80 MLD.

Meanwhile, the TWAD Board was executing, as per schedule, the work to improve the water supply distribution network in the added areas. The sources said that it needed to replace the pipelines to carry additional water.

As part of the work, the Board constructed 13 overhead tanks, conveying main pipelines and distribution network lines. By mid-January 2014, the Board would provide a link from the new conveying main to the old distribution network to improve water supply.

The Board was expected the complete the work by the end of 2014. Around three lakh people are expected to benefit from the improvement in water supply.

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