Officials to conduct a city-wide survey to study bin placement

The Coimbatore Corporation will soon start numbering bins on roads to improve waste collection.

According to sources, each of the 3,400-odd bins will have a number and details like the street or locality where it is placed.

This will help the Corporation to keep track of when the bins were last cleaned, whether they were cleaned at the right time, if the bins were without damage and also whether they served the purpose in that if they were adequate to accommodate all the waste generated at houses and commercial establishments in the vicinity.

The Corporation will also know how much bins it was short of, to have an efficient collection system.

The decision to number the bins and furnish the details comes after Commissioner G. Latha conducted a meeting with officials managing the solid waste management programme. The city generates around 800 tonnes waste a day.

The Commissioner had asked officials to conduct a citywide survey to study the placement of bins, and if they were the right bins for the area chosen.


The sanitary supervisors and inspectors studied the waste generation pattern and also noted down the bin quantity in their jurisdiction.

Commissioner Ms. Latha says that after the report is ready, the Corporation will decide on the next course of action. The report is likely to be ready in the next couple of days.