Remit tax, water charges or face disconnection of water supply

City Municipal Corporation has stepped up its drive to realise the tax and water charge arrears from regular defaulters and on Tuesday, the officials went in for disconnecting the water supply to a Tamil Nadu Generation Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) office in the city.

It is learnt that the dues to the corporation on the said building occupied by TANGEDCO had not been paid for the last seven years.

Following requests from the TANGEDCO officials they were given one week time to remit the dues, the action was deferred.

City Corporation Commissioner T.K. Ponnusamy told The Hindu that there is a stepped up effort to realise the property tax arrears and water charges from the property owners.

Tax could be paid by the property owner but the users of the building should pay the water tax.

The first half of the financial year begins on April 1 and according to the City Municipal Corporation Act, people failing to remit the taxes before April 15 are deemed as defaulters and the demand automatically becomes arrears.

The Act gives only 15 days for the property owners and users to remit their charges. The practice of waiting for September to pay the tax and water charges was an offence.

Mr. Ponnusamy said that instructions have been given to the officials to serve notice on the defaulters and have been asked to wait for ten days.

If the tax or water charges were not paid even in the ten days time, then the officials have been asked to go in for disconnection of water supply. Commissioner said that the average realisation of property tax and water charges used to be around Rs. 30 lakh a day to Rs. 35 lakh a day.

After the consistent efforts, the stepped up drive has improved the revenue realisation to Rs 65 to Rs 70 lakhs per day. On one particular day, the Corporation counters netted Rs 1.13 crore of revenue, he added. Property tax and water charges are the major revenue for the Corporation to carry on with works relating to basic amenities and sanitation works, he added.

City Corporation has a property tax current demand (for the first half i.e., April – September period of the fiscal year 2011-2012) of Rs 74 crore and the arrears is Rs 35 crore.

Water charges due to the civic body is around Rs 13 crore.

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