The Coimbatore Corporation has obtained Rs. 18.06 crore from the Union Ministry of Urban Development to implement an e-governance project. At a meeting held with the Ministry officials in New Delhi, the Corporation was asked to implement the project with the amount, though the proposal was for around Rs. 33 crore, sources in the corporation said.

The broad areas where the e-governance project was likely to cover were issuance of birth and death certificates, payment of property tax, utility bills, grievance management system, issuance of building plan approvals, accounting system, and personnel management. The corporation had proposed to extend the e-governance initiative to school management system, hospital management system, council management system, file tracking system, fleet management, online booking system, and document management system.

As for improving the existing system, the sources said that the corporation had planned to enable submission of application online for birth and death certificates, issuance of online registration slips, and more security features. Similarly, in solid waste management, the corporation had proposed to introduce GIS and GPS tracking system, and facility to manage and deploy workers based on garbage collection pattern.

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