New Delhi-based firm to study power consumption pattern

With the aim of bringing down the power consumption from street lights in added areas, the Coimbatore Corporation has engaged a New Delhi-based firm to study power consumption pattern and install new lights.

According to sources in the civic body, the Corporation has asked the firm to study the number of poles, distance between two poles, the size of poles, the type of light installed and the luminescence thereof and a few more parameters. Based on the mandate, the firm has been auditing the 27,500 street lights in the added areas. Nearly 20,000 of those are tube lights.

The firm is mapping the street lights in that it is marking the geographic coordinates of each of the 27,500 street lights and plotting the same on the city map.

This exercise, called the investment grade audit, will help the firm and also the Corporation see where it has to erect new poles, install lights and increase or decrease the luminescence. Along with that the firm is also studying the power consumption.

It is taking into account the past 36 months’ power consumption charges.

The sources say that in carrying out the exercise, the firm is also studying the type of the road and the luminescence needed. For instance, the firm has classified the roads in to type ‘A1, A2, B1, B2 and C’ depending on the width and traffic flow. Once the survey is complete, which will be three months from now, the Corporation will have a clear idea of how it wants to improve street lighting in the 40 wards and also conserve power. The handicap at present is that the Corporation does not have any data to start a project.

Aside from presenting the data, the firm will also take up lighting work in the added areas. The sources say that it will be in such a manner that the light with the right luminescence will be used for the right road.

And thereafter the firm will ensure that the Corporation gets a 35 per cent reduction in power consumption over a period of two to three years. At present the Corporation spends close to Rs. 1 crore every two months.

The Corporation has a similar power conservation projects in the old city area of 60 wards.

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