TWAD Board had commissioned Bhavani Drinking Water Scheme in 2010

Residents of Kavundampalayam and Vadavalli have something to cheer about on the water supply front. The Coimbatore Corporation has come up with a solution to improve water supply in the two localities.

The two areas a year ago became part of the Coimbatore Corporation.

The Corporation supplies the two localities along with Veerakeralam River Bhavani water, which the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board draws from Nellithurai, near Mettupalayam. The TWAD Board commissioned the Rs. 30-crore Bhavani Combined Drinking Water Supply Scheme in 2010.

Under the scheme, the TWAD Board supplies 5.74 million litres a day to Kavundampalayam and a little less to Vadavalli.

Though the commissioning of the scheme helped improve water supply in that the number of days between two supplies came down from 18 to four – six, there remained some other problems to be sorted out.

Now the Corporation has proposed to sort out that problem by going in for a separate distribution lines for Bhavani water. At present, areas in Kavundampalayam and Vadavalli – Wards 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 16 and 17 – received ground water and Bhavani water through the same pipeline.

Sources in the Corporation said that though there were seven overhead tanks in Kavundampalayam and eight in Vadavalli, it faced constrains in supplying water because the outlets from the tanks had been connected to the old water supply line, the width of which was narrow enough to convey the water.

To improve water supply, the Corporation has proposed to lay new pipelines with wider width to supply Bhavani water. This, the sources said, would help improve both ground water and Bhavani water supply.

The Corporation has said that if the scheme were to be implemented, it will also help in integrating the same with the 24x7 water supply scheme it has proposed for the city. The TWAD Board will implement the work.

The Corporation sources said that the Board would require around Rs. 10 crore to implement the scheme.

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