Pushpa (65) wife of Arumugam of Range Konar Street who was walking along the road in Kattoor area was robbed of her three-sovereign gold jewellery by two persons who posed as policemen.

According to police, two persons who came on a motorcycle intercepted the victim and advised her not to wear jewellery. The two told the woman that they were there to probe a ten-sovereign jewellery robbery that had just taken place. The two, under the pretext of helping the woman pack her gold jewellery, walked away with the parcel leaving another parcel with a stone in her hands. She realised that she had been robbed on reaching home.

Held for harassing wife

City Police are probing into a complaint of harassing the wife filed against Solomon (28) by his wife Annie (27). According to police, the complainant was working in a college and her husband was employed in a charitable organisation and the couple with a child lived in Sidhapudur area. Victim is said to be in the family way.

It is alleged that the husband was in the habit of harassing the wife demanding cash and jewellery and forced her to become a member of the charitable organisation where he worked. After a heated argument in a fit of rage, the accused reportedly inflicted a bite injury on his wife’s hand.

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