City Police Commissioner Amaresh Pujari has cautioned police officers to refrain from indulging in or encouraging illegal arbitration in cases related to civil disputes.

Addressing police officers at a monthly crime review meeting, Mr. Pujari said that it was the duty of the police officers to advise the concerned parties to seek legal remedy in civil disputes and set the law in motion in cases related to assault and injury.

Mr. Pujari exhorted his officers to speed up investigations and arrest of the accused in pending cases i.e., cases that remained unresolved for a long time. He also advised them to assist the courts in speeding up trial.

He also advised the officers to perform their duty without fear or favour.

Citing the number of pending cases as being a contributory factor to crime rate, he said officers should show results by resolving cases and achieve detection and recovery rate.


With regard to the New Patrolling System (NPS), Mr. Pujari reiterated that accountability rested on police officers i.e., the beat in-charge officer in the event of an incident or an occurrence. He exhorted his men to ensure that teams reached the place of a distress call within five to 10 minutes.

Mr. Pujari also reminded the officers that visible policing during peak hours had helped in bringing down the rate of chain snatching and robbery cases in the city.

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