City Police Commissioner C. Sylendra Babu has exhorted the people to be cautious about criminals resorting to robbery by diverting the attention of the victim.

In a release, Mr. Sylendra Babu said that in the city there had been instances of victims being targeted and their attention being diverted by spraying some chewed substance, spitting or pointing out oil leak in vehicles and deflated tyres.

Once the victim's attention gets diverted, then the miscreants rob him/her of the jewels or cash. Mr. Babu wanted people to exercise extra care while moving around with valuables, cash or jewels.

In the event of coming across such suspicious persons, Mr. Babu said that public could inform the police at phone numbers 100, 2301737 or 3220250 or 98431-00101. Public could also take photographs of such persons using mobile phone. Public should come together to apprehend such persons and in the event of the accused trying to inflict injuries, the public are at liberty to use force/power to nab them.

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