The system has been made secure so that data entered by a person could not be edited by another

Collector M. Karunagaran on Thursday launched the ‘e-Governance’ pilot trials of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) in Coimbatore.

This project completely does away with the need for paper work in monitoring the implementation of various SSA projects, according to Coimbatore Additional Chief Education Officer (SSA) R. Thiruvalarselvi.

Earlier, SSA Coimbatore got its data from field officers through papers, which besides being time-consuming, was also prone to errors with duplication of work also occurring. Retrieval of data took a lot of time as the required information had to be searched manually through registers.

To overcome issues in papers, ByVal Technologies, a Coimbatore-based technology company, had developed an online application that could be used by Block Resource Teacher Educators (BRTEs), Cluster Resource Teacher Educators (CRTEs) and senior officials of the SSA.

All the field level personnel could enter data into a website directly from their blocks and the application automatically consolidated them. The data would be available online for viewing by select officials alone.

The system had been made secure so that data entered by a person could not be edited by another.

Senior officials could view the data instantly and also generate report as required. The data could also be obtained in MS Word, MS Excel or PDF formats.

The system also generated various charts to show statistical information.

Ms. Thiruvalarselvi said that the website provided graded access and restricted many of the data.

It would provide instant access to data on all the Coimbatore SSA’s 22 blocks, of which seven are in Tirupur revenue district.

While this was a pilot project at present, she added that it would be scaled up based on the response.