City Police Commissioner C. Sylendra Babu on Saturday exhorted autorickshaw drivers in Coimbatore city to adhere to the meter fare system.

The Commissioner was addressing the autorickshaw drivers at a meeting organised in coordination with the Transport Department. Mr. Babu's request gains significance in the wake of the ensuing World Classical Tamil Conference to be held in the city in June 2010.

Mr. Babu reminded the autorickshaw drivers that there would be delegates and visitors not only from Tamil Nadu but also from other States as well as overseas countries.

He reiterated the need for ensuring compliance to law and advice the autorickshaw drivers to collect the fares as stipulated by the Government at the rate of Rs.14 as minimum fare and Rs.7 per km.

He also insisted the autorickshaw drivers to be polite and courteous. Responding to the Commissioner's appeal the autorickshaw drivers pointed out that the minimum charge of Rs.14 and Rs.7 per additional km was fixed in 2007. The representatives of the autorickshaw driver's trade union pointed out that there was a hike in petrol prices many times there after that resulted in steep hike in prices of essential commodities as well. Hence they urged for revising the minimum fare to Rs.30 and Rs.15 per additional km. Mr. Babu assured the autorickshaw drivers to take up the matter with the State Government. Deputy commissioner of Police (Crime & Traffic) N Kamini and regional transport officers participated in the meeting.

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