Civic body plans to supply it two hours daily

In all probability, the Coimbatore Corporation may go in for daily water supply.

According to sources, the civic body was contemplating that daily water supply quantity was more than what was required. From the Siruvani reservoir, the Corporation was drawing nearly 90 million litres a day.

The water level there stood at the full reservoir level at 49.54 feet.

Likewise from the two Pilloor schemes, the Corporation was getting 100 – 110 million litres a day. With surplus water, the sources said that the Corporation planned to move from once-in-two-day supply to once-a-day supply.

The Corporation would do this by reducing the duration of supply – instead of four to five hours once in two-days, the Corporation would supply two to two-and-half hours every day. But it would do so for a few areas first and then extend it to others once it was able to stabilise the supply.

The sources said that the Corporation had chosen Ramnagar, R.S. Puram, Tatabad and Gandhipuram in the first phase. It would then extend it to 30 wards or 30 per cent of the population and then other areas. The Corporation has 100 wards.

Until a couple of months ago - prior to the start of the South West Monsoon – the Corporation’s water supply took a beating in that the storage in the Siruvani Reservoir went below the dead storage level. The Corporation received only around 20 million litres a day, which it used to meet the needs of the residents of seven wards that were completely Siruvani-dependent.

To meet the shortfall, the Corporation relied on Pilloor water. And to divert the water, the Corporation had linked the Siruvani and Pilloor supply lines.

After the onset of the monsoon and good rain in the Siruvani and Pilloor catchments, the Corporation steadily increased the supply to once-in-two-day supply.

The sources said that the Corporation would be able to maintain the once-in-a-day supply as long as the water level in the reservoirs was good. They added that the present experiment would also be a launch pad for the 24x7 water supply scheme.

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