Built on a 5.5 acre land, the facility is open for all age groups

The motor sport capital of the country, as the city is oft referred to, got its first All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) track here on Friday.

Built on a 5.5 acre land, the ‘Off Road Adventure’ track is nicely placed on the Sulur Pirivu Road, near Neelambur.

The idea, the organisers say, is to kick up the dust and provide wholesome entertainment for motor sport lovers from this part of the region.

“We are at the right place because Coimbatore has a rich racing culture. So, it will be easy for them to understand the adventure that this sport has to offer, said Pankaj Dubey, Managing Director and Country Head of Polaris India Pvt. Ltd., who did the formal inauguration on Friday.

Polaris, which builds the most rugged and versatile vehicles for both work and play, was pleased as punch to be in the city. “The children are going to love it, and so are the adults,” added Mr. Dubey.

“It is nothing but pure entertainment. So, it’s definitely going to attract a lot of kids” pointed R. Mohan, the man behind the Coimbatore facility.

The Coimbatore track is the second such facility available in Tamil Nadu. Chennai earned the distinction of setting up the first ATV track on the ECR Road in 2010.

“The track is placed beautifully between the woods and the beach. It’s a different atmosphere altogether in Chennai but the Coimbatore track also looks beautiful,” said Sundar Ganesh of Off Road Sports, Chennai.

“We do a lot of adventurous trips and events once in three months. We have a lot of people enjoying this facility of ours. It is not race but pure adventure,” he added.

Mr. Mohan pointed out that the facility is open for all age groups. “We have got an exclusive 250m track for children below the under-14 age group and an adventure track for the experts.”

“We are going to the schools to create awareness. They can learn riding and driving and at the same time enjoy the atmosphere,” he added.

“It can be a good learning experience for them before they go on road. Children who are below the under-18 age group cannot afford to learn on road. This facility can help them understand how the machine behaves and to master it,” said Mr. Dubey.

How about safety? “They are very safe vehicles and easy to handle. People who have not driven a motorcycle or a car can learn in quick time. You do not require a driving licence either,” he added.


He said safety accessories for even the toughest condition are made available. “We believe in safety. It is very important at Polaris.” After the formal inauguration, two of India’s young riders Karoon Murthy and Ashwin along with a host of others displayed their driving skills on the dusty terrain.

“It will take another fortnight before the track takes its full shape. It will have the ATV ranges from 50cc (kids version) to 500cc (professional adult version),” said Mr. Mohan.


The off-road entertainment zone will have the state-of-the-art hospitality facilities and other amusement areas to help your family spend a perfect weekend.

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