The Coimbatore Corporation has 3,003 shops on rent

Black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background on the rear of monthly rental books meant for lessees is the Coimbatore Corporation’s first gift to the people for the New Year.

Or, in other words, the civic body has begun affixing quick response (QR) codes to the books to enable the lessees know what their dues are and if their payments have been acknowledged. To enjoy the facility, the Corporation expected the lessees to possess smart mobile phones, which invariably, most had, said Commissioner T.K. Ponnusamy.

By pointing mobile phone camera on the code and processing the same with the help of installed applications (apps), the lessees would be able to see their current status, added Deputy Commissioner S. Sivarasu.

The Corporation experimented with the use of QR codes in the last couple of months and after finding it to be useful had begun the process of affixing them to the books.

Mr. Sivarasu said that the facility came to the lessees at no cost. And for the Corporation there was no additional expenditure involved as the introduction of the codes in the printing process hardly made any difference to the printing cost.

The Corporation has 3,003 shops on rent. It until recently collected about Rs. 4.60 crore. After the recent rent revision process, it has started collecting Rs. 10.15 crore.

Mr. Sivarasu said that once the Corporation completed the task, it would extend the QR code facility to assessed in property tax and water charges booklets. The civic body was also exploring the possibilities of introducing SMS alerts.

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