Recently, the Coimbatore Corporation fitted vehicle tracking system devices to 26 of its over 200 vehicles that carry solid waste. Corporation Commissioner G. Latha said that the move was aimed at tracking vehicles to ensure timely removal of garbage.

The Corporation would slowly fit the devices to all the vehicles.

Even as it goes about fitting the devices, the Corporation will also fix the latitude-longitude coordinates for the bins so that the officials in charge of solid waste management will know if the vehicle had reached the spot in time, emptied the bin of waste and moved out of the site in time.

The system would enable officials to identify wrong doers, if any, correct mistakes and ensure efficiency in waste collection.

The move is one of the several measures the civic body has been implementing over the years to improve solid waste management in the city – from door-to-door collection to segregation of waste and processing the degradable waste into manure.

Soon, the civic body will adopt the Warangal model of waste collection.


After improving the door-to-door collection, the Corporation will announce prizes as incentives for residents.

It will also allow conservancy workers to sell reusable waste to make money. And also give them prizes.

Ms. Latha said that the Corporation was working towards having a legal backing for the initiative.

It has also planned to implement the door-to-door collection of waste first in a ward and then scale it up to other wards.

In this regard, the Corporation is working with the Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore, she added.

The other initiatives include setting up bio-methanisation plant to generate waste out of waste, engaging a consultant to scientifically improve conditions in the Vellalore yard and planting trees with thick foliage to mitigate the plight of residents.

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