The Corporation had attempted source segregation of waste a couple of years ago

After not-so-successful attempts at source segregation of waste initiatives in the city, the Coimbatore Corporation is gearing up for introducing a few measures aimed at restarting the process. And the civic body has every reason to do so because at stake is Rs. 96 crore – the money it has invested to put in place a solid waste management system.

Sources in the Corporation say that under the Shunya – Zero Waste Management project, the civic body with help from ICLEI, an NGO, and others, is planning to conduct a day-long workshop on source segregation of waste for stake-holders and civil society organisations and follow it up with introducing the process in a few wards on a trial basis.

The organisations would include the Indian Medical Association, self help groups, Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, RAAC and Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore.

The sources say that after the Mayor’s and Commissioner’s return from Shunya conference in Kathmandu, the Corporation would conduct the workshop and kick start initiative. And ICLEI is likely to take the lead.

The Corporation had attempted source segregation of waste a couple of years ago in a few of its 72 wards by deploying the required number of conservancy workers and educating the residents of the wards with the help of an NGO, Centre for Environment Education.

The efforts showed results but only for a short while for a variety of reasons. The sources say that this time they are better prepared, fine tuning strategies with the experience from the last attempt.

If the Corporation succeeds, its solid waste management project will receive a boost because the waste that goes through the transit stations to the Vellore dump yard is designed to receive only segregated waste. And without it, the whole project stands challenged.

And also the Corporation will be forced to dump waste into landfills through scientific closure and continue fire fighting operations as often as it has done in the past.

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